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Barbados header with sea turtle

Best For

Hot year-round, steady strong winds that are great for surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing, and sailing, easy to get around, few Americans, English-speaking.

Hot Tips

- 01 -

Chartering a catamaran is a great way to see the island and the only way to see the ‘Gold Coast’ of beautiful houses along the water where many celebrities live. The island gets more than its share of British and American celebrities (ex. Simon Cowell, Mark Wahlberg, Justin Bieber, native Rihanna, James Corden, Oprah), many of whom stay at Sandy Lane Hotel. We booked the catamaran Elegance which sails from Bridgetown but provides free transfers to and from our hotel. We were able to swim next to turtles when no other boats were there, sailed along most of the west coast, and had a picnic off of a beach. They took a photo of our family from underwater

that we treasure. The food was fantastic so they certainly know the top caterers in Barbados. Lying in the nets at the front under sail with the water speeding by was an unforgettable experience.

Picture of a family in the water taken from under the water
Snorkeling in Barbados

- 02 -

Monkeys at Barbados Wildlife Preserve
Barbados Wildlife Preserve

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is a must. It has no cages or barriers for the animals, and you will enjoy following the charming meandering rock paths through its cool forest trying to spot them. Arrive at feeding time and you’ll see the animals coming toward the ranger from all directions all at once, with monkeys sometimes riding the tortoises and the usually shy deer getting within a foot of people. It made everyone smile to watch tortoises and monkeys eat fruit in their funny way!

- 03 -

Man standing in front of tropical plants at Hunte's Garden Barbados
Hunte's Garden Barbados

You will feel childlike wonder at Hunte’s Garden as you are immersed in oversized tropical plants. It is set in an old volcanic crater, so visitors can enjoy viewing high walls of greenery with plants and trees growing up the slopes. It is a comfortable place to spend an hour or two as it has a café with good sandwiches, nice bathrooms, and lots of benches interspersed through the gardens. Visitors walk through a series of garden areas including water gardens, and the variety of flowers and mature plants is impressive.

- 04 -

The Hilton Barbados Resort has a very convenient location and super amenities: an extensive soft sand beach with good rolling waves, two large pools with one including a waterfall and volleyball net, hot tub built into natural rock, very luxurious spa, airy fitness center, and a helpful activity desk. It often hosts local and destination weddings. Families can share a room to make it more affordable, and the air-conditioned rooms include a balcony overlooking the beach and from which they can view dramatic sunsets as they face directly west.

your itinerary


man having a tropical drink at a restaurant in Barbados
Lighthouse Restaurant in Barbados

Upon arriving at the airport be sure to look for one of several people handing out free Little Switzerland bags which are a popular souvenir of Barbados and a useful size. Take a taxi for the 30-minute drive to the Hilton Barbados Resort. On the way you will pass shopping malls and ask the driver to briefly stop so that you can buy the sunscreen, toothpaste, and shampoo you couldn’t bring in your carry on. After checking in, immediately go to the Lighthouse Terrace Restaurant for a table outside on their balcony to enjoy your first tropical drink and appetizers while overlooking the palm tree-lined beach and pool area. Have the buffet dinner at the Lighthouse or even more casually at the Water’s Edge on the beach or beside the pool.


Relax on the beach or by the pool and recover from your trip. If you are interested in cornrows or braids, there is always at least one lady on the beach under an umbrella who offers that service and usually locally made jewelry as well. Taxi or walk to Naru Restaurant which is beside the wooden boardwalk along Rockley beach. The Asian-inspired menu will make your choice very difficult, and all the dishes are excellently prepared.

Hilton Barbados pool and beach
Hilton Barbados pool and beach
The pool at Hilton Barbados Resort
Hilton Barbados Resort


Take a taxi for a ride around the island to visit the Wildlife Preserve at either 11:00 am or 2:00 pm for feeding time, Hunte’s Garden, and plan to be at Earthworks Pottery for a good lunch in a pretty setting. You’ll see much of the island, and will pass polo and cricket fields – the day we went we watched the national women’s cricket team practicing. Relax for the remainder of the day and have a convenient and good dinner at the hotel’s The Grille restaurant.

Hunte's Garden Barbados
Hunte's Garden Barbados
Beautiful flowers at Hunte's Garden Barbados
Hunte’s Garden

Champers Restaurant on cliff top
Champers Restaurant on cliff top


There is always a strong wind in Barbados at any time of day, and because it is so close to the equator the tide doesn’t change either. That means it’s always a good time to surf! The beach immediately in front of the hotel is mainly for swimmers just jumping the waves, but the public beach to the left usually has locals surfing, and it’s worth the short walk there as it’s a real pleasure to sit and watch the experts. For dinner, taxi or walk to the fabulous and stylish Champers Restaurant & Wine Bar for fine dining on a cliff with a spotlight on the fish in the clear water below.

Family of four standing on the balcony of Champers Restaurant in Barbados
Family photo at Champers Restaurant

Girl sitting on a catamaran in Barbados
Barbados Catamaran


Charter a catamaran for a half day to take you along the Gold Coast, swim with turtles, and enjoy al fresco dining moored in a private cove. For the rest of the day take a break from the sun and sit in the shade by the pool. For a casual relaxed dinner, taxi or walk to Chicken George & Yankee Joe's Beach Bar which serves really good run punch and pina coladas in the shade on the beach. Try the flying fish for a novelty, or stick to chicken and BBQ for what they do best.

A couple standing in front of a really old baobab tree in Warren
300-year old baobab tree in Warren


Take a short taxi ride to visit Bridgetown. Look for its baobab that are now endangered in Africa: the enormous tree is in Queen’s Park and is estimated at 1,000 years old from a seed floating from West Africa – it takes 15 people with outstretched arms to encircle it! There is also a 300-year old baobab in Warren near Bridgetown. Enjoy shopping, particularly at the Green Monkey Chocolatier, Best of Barbados gift shop, and Little Switzerland. Upon returning to the Hilton, stop by the Cuppa Café in the lobby to pick up cute snacks to give as gifts such as plantain chips, breadfruit chips, coconut biscuits, interesting candy bars, or guava sweets. Try your best to pack it all in your bag, and then head to the airport!

Photo Gallery

Sea Turtle under water in Barbados
Sea Turtles in Barbados
Hunte's Garden Barbados

people in a pool at the Hilton Barbados
Hilton Pool Barbados
Hilton Pool Barbados

two kids on the beach at Hilton Barbados
Beach at Hilton Barbados
Barbados Wildlife Preserve
Barbados Wildlife Preserve
Barbados Wildlife Preserve

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