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Hot and sunny year-round, best waterpark in the world at Atlantis, idyllic Harbour Island with famous long pink sand beach, swim with pigs, English is the official language.

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·Atlantis is spectacular and as good as advertised, so is a must-do. But because it is expensive to stay there, we recommend the much cheaper option that is conveniently located next door with its own entrance to Atlantis, which is the Comfort Suites Paradise Island. It includes free guest passes to Atlantis, will bill all your Atlantis charges straight to your room, has a pool with bar service, and free convenient parking.    

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·Harbour Island is the Bahamas island of your dreams. Wander the island freely as it’s safe and the locals are friendly and English-speaking. The most common vehicles on the road are golf carts, which are extremely fun and laidback. The only traffic you’ll find are the free-range chickens, and a celebrity sighting is always possible. The famous pink sand beach is extensive and unspoiled, and there are several excellent restaurants to choose from.

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The most romantic restaurant on Harbor Island is dinner fine dining at the Rock House opposite the ferry. In an elegant Colonial-style house, enjoy drinks beside their lit-up pool with charmingly styled cabana tents and enjoy the harbor view from its elevated vantage point.


Fly to Nassau and then taxi to check into the Comfort Suites Paradise Island next to Atlantis.



Enjoy the free breakfast at the hotel and be sure to get to Atlantis before 10:00 am to reserve your loungers for the day before the cruise ship passengers arrive. Have a blast enjoying all the water rides in beautiful natural surroundings, and have lunch at any of the cafes in the complex.



Kids having fun at the aquarium
Kids having fun at the aquarium

Enjoy breakfast and reserve your loungers early again for a day of relaxing at Atlantis. Be sure to visit their amazing aquarium, and explore the natural lagoon and beach. Use their snorkels in the lagoon and drop crackers to attract fish. Have dinner in the Atlantis Marina area which is safe and fun with lots of shops and restaurants overlooking the yachts in the harbor.  



Kid in the Pillory
Watch out when you go to the Pirate Museum!

Explore Nassau by walking around this small capital with many colonial-era

buildings. It was the pirate capital of the Caribbean, so appropriate to make a stop at the Pirate Museum, which to set expectations is just light-hearted fun. Have lunch on Arawak Cay, also known as “The Fish Fry”. It’s a series of brightly colored casual food shacks serving up seafood along the harbor, and distinctively Bahaman. Spend the afternoon lounging by the pool, and enjoy dinner in the Atlantis Marina area across the street.



Hop the ferry to Harbour Island, and on arrival rent your 4-person golf cart at any of the convenient locations a short walk away. Drive the cart to the Coral Sands Hotel for your own little (air-conditioned!) cottage on the pink sand beach. Explore its extensive grounds including lawns, tennis courts, and indoor and outdoor dining on the beach. Plop down on the beach loungers under tiki hut umbrellas and enjoy a tropical drink brought to you by their servers. 



Enjoy the day beside their pool or playing in the waves. For lunch, walk along the pink sand to any of the small hotel restaurants on the beach. They are all very good, with special mention to The Dunmore Restaurant. For dinner, enjoy the excellent restaurant on site.



Drive your golf cart to Dunmore Town and hop on Tyson Newbold’s 24-foot seabird through Tyman Charters & Adventures to take you swimming with the pigs at Big Major Cay and to see sea turtles. Upon returning to the ferry dock, stop at one of the food trucks to try Conch fritters or salad.    


A family in front of the Lone Tree
The family in front of the Lone Tree

Explore the island by golf cart, making sure to stop by the iconic Lone Tree on the sand flats off Bay Street. The only roads that will be inaccessible are on the northern tip of the island where the celebrity homes are and which can only be reached by dune buggies with SUV tires. Have lunch on the southern side of the island at Acquapazza at the Harbour Island Marina which is a pretty destination.



Hop the water taxi to North Eleuthera (“You-LOO-thra”) Airport (ELH), and then to Nassau and back home. The rustic airport and flight to Nassau is part of the fun!  Our kids actually preferred Harbour Island to Atlantis with its exciting rides, and we have been looking forward to coming back to this relaxing island someday.

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