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Duxbury Trails: Berrybrook & O'Neil Farms

Berrybrook Fields

0.9 mi.; single and cart track; parking near 88 Winter St.; trail through fields and woods.

O’Neil Farm (Avery Trail)

0.8 mile partial loop; single track; parking near 349 Autumn Ave.; series of boardwalks with views of cow pasture.

O’Neil Farm (Chandler Trail)

1.4 mi. partial loop; single and cart track; parking near 349 Autumn Ave.; sunny charming trail through farm fields and woods.

The wide shady trails of the O’Neil farm are a great choice on a sunny day, and with an added benefit of having a low risk for ticks. The flat wide trails are also great for easy mountain biking. The trails are marked by red arrows which are very helpful to avoid the several spurs, and because the arrows direct traffic one way on the loops users are unlikely to encounter other walkers or dogs on those sections. The parking lot for both the O’Neil Farm’s Avery and Chandler trails is next to 349 Autumn Avenue. The 0.8 mile Avery trail loop starts from the parking lot and follows the pastures of the O’Neil Farm, affording views of contentedly grazing cows - and often visiting turkeys! The trail is mostly through woods and includes trails to a vernal pool and to The Village of Duxbury.


To access the 1.4 mile Chandler trail, walk left from the parking lot a tenth of a mile to just past the house opposite the parking lot. Cross the road when you see the entrance, which is a dirt road lined by a split log fence. It’s also marked by a sign pointing cars back to the parking lot you came from. At the end of the dirt road is the trail sign, and then you’ll enter a sunny and beautiful multiacre hay field surrounded by woods that will take your breath away. You’ll also admire the three majestic oak trees in the middle of the field. Following the worn footpath through the center of the field, enjoy the expansive views of lush green on both sides. On the far end of the field you will see three small bright white tents, which are the hen houses for the new town CSA at the Delorenzo Farm. The trail then enters the woods where you’ll cross over a bridge and some boardwalks to avoid occasional muddy areas, and then come out to the clearcut power line which you’ll cross into more woods. After completing the loop, you will cross through the power lines again and head back the way you came.


The historic 145-acre O’Neil Farm is one of the oldest (dating from the early 1700s) and last working farms on the South Shore, and has been a dairy farm in the O’Neil family for over 100 years. This last working dairy farm in Duxbury is a real treasure, as in addition to being able to walk its trails and enjoy its views year round, on its Farm Day in September it’s open to the public for tours, games, food, and music.

Duxbury Trails:

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